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SBR Computer Care

IT infrastructure is a critical tool for your business. Any downtime of your IT resources can run out of focus on your business. You don’t want to worry about your IT resources while focused on your business.

You would like your IT equipment to be looked after by someone who is focused on IT services. And you can trust SBR computers to do it for you. We can take up Annual Maintenance contract service for all your computers and IT infrastructure. We provide super skilled professionals, enough backup equipment and spares which enable us to give you commitments that can be honoured.

Our AMC Services:

  • Single Window Support to all your PC Repair Needs
  • Computer repair and Maintenance
  • Laptop repair and Maintenance
  • Virus Protection and Virus Removal
  • Smart Tune Up for Better Performance
  • Add / Remove Computer Hardware
  • Printer Maintenance
  • Network Troubleshooting
  • LAN / WAN wireless setup
  • Free Critical Software Updates, Security Fixes, Patches, Service Packs
  • Optimized PC/Speed up your computer
  • Security against hackers

Why AMC is essential?

  • Preventative maintenance - periodic checks on your system before problems occur
  • Avoid un expected Computer Crashes
  • Large cost savings compared to individual calls
  • Minimal downtime
  • Fixed annual rate to allow easy budgeting
  • Discounts on new products purchase
  • Discounts on upgrades

Why SBR Computers?

  • 356 days Service
  • Instant Phone& Remote support
  • 1 Hour Reporting wherever in city
  • Fastest turnaround time
  • Experienced and well-trained technicians
  • 10 Years of experience in IT industry
  • Strict data privacy and protection policy’s
  • Standby equipment provided in case of service delay
  • Free delivery of all consumables and peripherals
  • 100% Repair / Replace solution guarantee

Tech Support Package Extended warranty Package
Software and tech support General failures
Phone Support Manufacturing defects
email support Cost of replacement parts
Remote support Desktop - Motherboard repair / Replacement
Systems Upgrade support Desktop - Processor Replacement
Add / Remove Computer Hardware Desktop - RAM Replacement
Optimized PC/Speed up your computer Desktop - Hard disk Replacement
Internet related issues Desktop - LCD Monitor Repair / replacement
Formatting and OS installations Desktop - Keyboard & Mouse replacement
windows all versions installations Desktop - Power supply unit replacement
Outlook and other email server Support Desktop - Cooling Fan replacement
Local and wireless network support Desktop - DVD drive replacement
New Devices Setup Laptop - Manufacturing defects
Virus cleanings Laptop - Motherboard repair / Replacement
Printers, scanners setup Laptop - RAM Replacement
Printer and Data Sharing on network Laptop - Hard disk Replacement
On request onsite visit Laptop - Keyboard Replacement
Preventative maintenance - check up's Laptop - Wi-Fi Card Replacement
Discounts on new products purchase Laptop - LCD screen replacement
Free delivery of new product purchases Laptop - Cooling Fan replacement
  Laptop - DVD drive replacement
  Laptop - Speakers Replacement
  Printer repair / replacement
  Preventative maintenance - check up's
  Standby Device Replacement